Lots of fun dresses in the collection for

play and party time.  Most of the dresses

in this collection are cottons.

All dresses are custom made to fit you pet. I will

need measurements before I can complete your

order. Please follow the diagram below.

Fabric by Nicole Denise Designs for Elizabeth's Studio


Model's The Baker Girl's 

Item "it's Magic" ON SALE $49

100% cotton with magical design print. See what

you can find in this adorable print. Tripled ruffled

skirt, all of a different fabric.


Model Miss Lexie-LU  On Sale $29

Item " Slippers"

All cotton dress with lots of little shoes for the

print. My favorite for Easter Time. Tie ribbons
at the waist.



Model Miss Georgia Bell

Item "Georgia"  ON SALE $40

Such  a pretty dress this is, great dress for

Easter, Cotton Poly fabric will stay nice a

crisp looking at all times.



Item "Dead or Alive" ON SALE $40

100% cotton comes with D-Ring.

SIZE & Add-on price

Model Miss Angel

"Green Lady Bugs"   $55

100% cotton, double skirted extra full for that bounce. Tie waist.



Model Miss Corinne Belle Baker  ON SALE $45

Item "Chocolate Swirl"

Pretty little fun dress for fall, wrap ribbon

waist ties.

Chocolate Swirl

Juliet Baker

     Georgia Belle & Juliet Baker

Item "Breast Cancer Awareness Dress"

Cotton eyelet dress with wrap ribbon waist tie. Comes with






                                                                                    Model Miss Juliet Baker


Item # 46 "Juliet "          ON SALE $45                                                 

Cotton dress with  underskirt ruffles.  Lots of bounce to this 

little number. White organza ribbon with lady bug in center. 




Item # 9417 "Sweet Hearts"   ON SALE $30  

Great little summer play dress for Sunday. 

SIZE & Add-on price


Item # 9162 "Molly"   $45 ON SALE 

Cotton dress with lots of color.           


SIZE & Add-on price




Item  "Cup Cakes"   ON SALE $30

Fun dress for any Birthday Party. 

SIZE & Add-on price


Classy Doggie Designs Model Angel Cantu  ON SALE $38

Item #552 "I Love You" 
Black cotton with hot, light pink
hearts of Love.   

I Love You


Item "Green Summer Plaid" $65 ON SALE $45
Great traveling dress 100% Poly.

Green Summer Plaid

Item "Blue Summer Plaid"  ON SALE $45

Great traveling dress 100% Poly.

Green Summer Plaid

Item "JULIA" ON SALE $40

100% Cotton Pink/Brown.  Comes with D-Ring.

SIZE & Add-on price